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Purity of Arms

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US Amhassador Daniel Shapiro's address on 4th July 2016  E-mail


Shalom all. The purpose of this meeting of Directors is to discuss information on the joint interests of Moshe and myself, and I sincerely hope that the meeting will take place in a spirit of goodwill.

1. Having convened this meeting, and hopefully with Moshe’s approval, I will serve as Chairman of the meeting.
2. Introduce attendees: Simon team – myself, Adv. Doron Dan, Adv. Sagi, Saul Simon (my son).
Moshe’s team – Moshe, Adv. Ophir Naor…….
3. Thank you all for attending the meeting.
4. As you will see from the agenda, the purpose of the meeting is to receive an update on the status of the joint companies and joint interests of Moshe and myself, including assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and to discuss our future direction.
6. I should mention that Saul’s presence is to help me in regard to translations from Hebrew to English and vice-versa. Saul will not participate in the discussions relating to the agenda.