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Purity of Arms

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www.psifulfillment.com/orderform.asp?ID=010 (Chuck Olin Associates Inc.)

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Finnish Machal. A film produced in Helsinki by the IDF. Finnish, 40 minutes, 1992.

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Waves of Freedom. Documentary by British-Israeli film-maker Alan Rosenthal
recounts how 27 Americans (most of them Jewish) ferried 1,500 Holocaust refugees from several European ports to Palestine in 1947 aboard a refitted U.S. coastguard cutter called the “Trade Winds.” Archive footage is integrated with recent interviews with some of the volunteers who manned the ships. English, 2008.

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narrative with Machalniks. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 973-751-1100 English, 2010.

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World Machal Yom Hazicharon. DVD – photographs. 25th April 2012.
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World Machal Yom Hazicharon service (2011) and Derek Bowden’s 90th Birthday,
2012. DVD.
Norman Spiro’s photos. DVD.