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Purity of Arms

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Yaish AmarAmar Yaish, the son of Massoud and Massouda, was born in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, on 10th December 1932.  He completed elementary school at the Kol Yisrael Chaverim Institute and then studied tailoring, going on to work as a tailor.

When he heard about Israel’s War of Independence, he immediately put down his needle and thread and volunteered to go to serve in Israel's defense.

Towards the end of 1948 he arrived on the “Atzmaut,” reported for duty in the IDF, and joined the Alexandroni Brigade.  

On 28th February 1949 he fell in action near Hadera.  He was buried in the Nachalat Yitzhak military cemetery in Tel Aviv.

Source:     Translated from the Yizkor website by Joe Woolf.