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Purity of Arms

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Edouard Amar  E-mail
Edourd AmarEdouard Amar, the son of Meir and Mamram, was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 9th October 1910.  He was highly educated, and earned a diploma in engineering. After they left Egypt, he lived a quiet and peaceful life with his family in Paris.

This tranquility was shattered with the outbreak of Israel’s War of Independence.  Leaving his wife and infant daughter behind, he arrived in Israel as a Machal volunteer in June 1948.

However, he was unable to contribute in any way to the war, despite his best intentions, as he was struck down by a malignant growth, and died at the Pardess Katz Hospital on 13th September 1948, just three months after his arrival.

He was buried the next day at the Netanya cemetery. His wife Rosa and daughter Yolanda remained in France.

Source:    Translated from the Yizkor website by Joe Woolf