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Purity of Arms

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Albert Albrecht  E-mail
The son of Emily and Leon, Albert Albrecht was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1930 and educated  at The Institute for Protection of Jewish Children.

He arrived in Palestine in 1947 from Toulouse and lived for some time on a kibbutz. During the War of Independence he was mobilized into the 7th Brigade.  With the Jordanian Arab Legion now participating in the war, the situation worsened in Jerusalem, and the road to Jerusalem was now blocked by the Legion, who occupied Latrun.

Operation “Ben-Nun A” was planned in an attempt to break through the blocakde.  The mission was entrusted to the newly-formed 7th Brigade: to capture Latrun and reach the Jerusalem area.  One battalion of the Alexandroni Brigade was provided to support the 7th in this task.

The Alexandroni Brigade would attack and capture Latrun, and the units of the 7th would attempt to control the ridge south of Latrun until the rest of the brigade had moved along the road to Kibbutz  Kiryat Anavim.

The units came out of their positions on the night of 24th - 25th May 1948.  Shortly after they started to move, they clashed with the Legionnaires who were supported by artillery and armored cars supplied by the local Arabs.  The battle forced Israel’s units into a formidable withdrawal, with the advantage in the enemy's hands.  As a result of this withdrawal, and the adverse weather conditions, many fighters were killed; amongst them was Albert Albrecht, who fell on 25th May 1948. He was survived by his sister Ruth.

He was re-interred on 28th February 1950, at the Mount Herzl military cemetery.