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Purity of Arms

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Maurice Aknin  E-mail

Maurice AkninThe son of Daflar and Maklouf, Maurice Akmim was born in Paris, France on 10th December 1930.  He completed elementary school and later became an apprentice furrier.

The declaration of the State of Israel shook him out of his complacency and he left the quiet life he had enjoyed after the defeat of the Germans and arrived in Israel on 8th August, 1948.

He joined the Etzioni (Jerusalem) Brigade and fell near the Mandelbaum Gate in Jerusalem on 11th September, 1948, just one month after his arrival in Israel.

He was buried at Sheikh Badar cemetery and on 30th August, 1950, and was re-interred at Mount Herzl military cemetery.

Source:    Translated from the Yizkor website by Joe Woolf.