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Purity of Arms

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The Golani Brigade  E-mail

As the Golani Brigade headquarters were far from the main recruiting centre in Tel Aviv, very few Machal volunteers served there.  Americans Sam Alexander and Ari Lashner, new members of Kibbutzim Tiryat Zvi and Kfar Blum respectively, were mobilized into the various Golani Battalions in the areas near their kibbutzim. Ari Lashner was an early casualty when he was killed by a sniper while repairing telephone lines near Kfar Blum.

Phil Bock also an American, was wounded twice on Hill 86 near Gaza in December, 1948, and again in the dash to Eilat on 10th March, 1949.

Dr. Isaiah Morris, a British Brigade medical officer and a decorated veteran of World War II, was killed in the heavy fighting at Sejera on the 11th June, 1948 (see his story under Personal Stories). Another British Machal volunteer, European-born Holocaust survivor Miriam Reichman, served as a nurse in Golani (see her story under Personal Stories). Her mother, Freda, also a nurse, came with her to Israel and worked at the Afula Hospital.

The same shell which killed Dr. Isaiah Morris also seriously wounded Dr. Max Goldberg, a Swiss volunteer.  His wife Hilde Goldberg, born in Berlin, but a Dutch citizen, also served in the Golani as a nurse (see their story under Personal Stories).  They live in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Dr. Max Goldberg recovered from his wounds and rejoined Golani in the Negev battles in December, 1948.

Two other Machalniks served as medical officers in Golani – Canadian Dr. Nathan Leith and Dr. Shlomo Silverman from Chile.

A total of  some 40 Machalniks served in the Golani Brigade.

Argentina 2
Belgium 2
Canada 1
Chile 1
Denmark 1
France 9
Holland 2
Mexico 1
Poland 1
Sweden 1
Switzerland 4
Turkey 1
U.K. 6
U.S.A. 8