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Purity of Arms

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Sylvia Beyrack  E-mail

Sylvia, the daughter of  Shlomo and Frania Beyrack, was born  in London on October 9th, 1923. She studied both in elementary and high school, always in the spirit of  Judaism, and at the early age of nine, joined the Habonim Zionist Movement.

During  the "Blitz" of World War II,  she was in charge of a large group of young people in London's East End, and  excelled in caring for young children through the massive and continuous air raids.

In the framework of  Habonim, she began working and teaching at a home for evacuated children. Later, she relocated to a Zionist Training Farm in the  Movement, and eventually was put in charge of all these farms in the U.K., an assignment in which she excelled.

Sylvia edited and was responsible for the publication of the Movement's newspaper, “Habona,": she wrote articles and managed the entire enterprise. She also organized educational programs for J.N.F. Youth in England.  In her charge were 1,000 teachers and 500 youth counselors for some 35,000 students of Jewish educational institutions.
The resource material and reference books she provided for the teachers consisted of  thrilling stories, pictures and games on "Eretz Yisrael" for the children.

Sylvia immigrated to "Eretz Yisrael"  in July 1946 and, after graduating from a intensive course in Hebrew, was employed by the Hadassah Youth Movement.

In Israel’s struggle for independence, she joined the Haganah and served in its Information Department.

She was fatally wounded in a bombardment of Jerusalem on June 4th, 1948, and was buried in Jerusalem. On September 9th, 1950, her remains were re-interred in the cemetery on Har Herzl.

Prepared by Joe Woolf